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[S2E3] Girl Meets The Secret Of Life __EXCLUSIVE__

Thomas meets up with Major Campbell, pointing out that the Birmingham police have amusingly put him up in a hostel run by a semi-retired prostitute and brothel owner, indicating that they know of Campbell's secret activities.

[S2E3] Girl Meets the Secret of Life

Izzie, Derek, and Addison are with a premature baby girl whose mother delivered the baby and then took off. Derek is going over her chart. There are many things wrong with the baby. Addison says, "I know she's a long shot." Derek says that there's no way the baby will survive spinal surgery. Addison remains optimistic. Derek talks about the kind of life the baby would have, how many health problems she would have. Addison says, "You're not God...honey." Derek asks, "Did you just call me honey? Don't call me honey." Izzie makes a face like she is very uncomfortable being in the middle of all this. Then they start talking about responsibility and oaths. Addison says she messed up, that people mess up. Derek says, "You slept with my best friend on my favorite sheets." Addison says, "The flannel sheets? You hate the flannel sheets." Derek says he loves them. Then Addison says, "You like the Italian sheets with the paisleys." Izzie interrupts and says, "I'm sorry I'm just gonna go. I'll go check on the labs." Derek and Addison look at one another. Derek tells Addison not to do this. Addison says the baby is a fighter. Derek tells her not to get attached or involved and not to make the baby's life more painful than it already is. Addison pleads with him, "Please. She has no one to fight for her." Derek says she's too far gone and to let her go in peace. This whole conversation is a parallel to their relationship and marriage. Derek leaves and Addison looks sad and says, "Fine, Derek. Walk away. [more quietly] It's what you do best."

Alex is examining Kelly when Derek and Meredith come in. Her face turns crimson because of Derek's presence. She is extremely embarrassed and tries to calm herself down. Derek says, "This might be the last time that that ever happens." He asks Alex about her labs, they turned out well. Derek asks if she's ready. Yes, she has been ready since the third grade. Derek asks if she read about the side effects. She is very knowledgeable on the subject and able to name off everything using their medical terms. Derek and Meredith look at each other amused. Derek leaves to alert the O.R. they are coming. Alex asks if Kelly knows what all of the words meant and explains all of them; that maybe she should be more worried than she is acting. Meredith asks if she is sure she wants to go through with the procedure, that there's a lot of risk just to get rid of "a little bit of blushing". Kelly says, "Is that what you think this is? A little bit of blushing? Just a school girl embarassment? You both saw what happened when Dr. Shepherd [starts turning red] was here. What did you think?" Alex says he thinks she likes Derek. Kelly continues, "I do but do you think I want a room full of doctors to know about it? ... It's not just this once. It happens every time I have a feeling for anyone in my life." Meredith empathizes with her. Kelly says, "I can't get mad. I can't be happy. I can't feel anything without the whole world knowing. I can't have a secret. Can you imagine living that way your entire life?"

The newfound trail leads the player to a secret labyrinth underneath the Silverwastes. Upon reaching it, the player meets Caithe, who reveals that the Mordrem have forestalled the group and that the other heroes got separated inside the twisted labyrinth. The Commander, alongside Caithe realize that they are hunted by the seemingly immortal Mordrem Lurcher, while racing through the maze to save their allies. With their combined might they manage to reach the maze center, where the Master of Peace is under attack by a powerful Mordrem Troll. Unfortunately, the Master is dying from the sustained wound, as desperately tries to hand over Glint's egg; but just as he dies, Caithe grabs the egg, stating there's "No time to explain." She shadowsteps away, leaving the group confused about her motives.

Later that day, Brienne meets with Jaime near the Red Keep's Godswood to discuss the Stark girls. Jaime seems uninterested in fulfilling his promise to the now-deceased Catelyn, telling Brienne that Arya has not been seen for months and is probably dead, and Sansa is now his sister-in-law. Brienne demands that Jaime look her in the eye and say that Sansa is safe in King's Landing; Jaime is unable to do so.[18]

Jaime tells her to keep the sword in order to continue to fulfill the oath it was named after. Brienne fails to convince the Blackfish, but in the end, the castle is taken with him as the only casualty. Just before he goes off to meet his death, the Blackfish puts Brienne and Podrick into a rowboat in a secret escape tunnel. As Brienne and Podrick row quietly away in the dawn, Jaime sees her from the castle. She meets his gaze as they both wave a quiet farewell.[33] 041b061a72

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