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Libro Terraba Estudios Sociales Pdf Download 68

Libro Terraba Estudios Sociales Pdf Download 68

The book Terraba Estudios Sociales is a collection of essays and research papers on the social, environmental, and cultural aspects of the Terraba River in Costa Rica. The book was published in 2018 by the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica and edited by Carlos Sandoval-García and Jorge Barquero-Vargas. The book has 68 chapters, covering topics such as the history, geography, ecology, hydrology, economy, politics, and identity of the Terraba River and its inhabitants. The book is available for download in PDF format from the OpenSea website.

The Terraba River is the longest river in Costa Rica, with a length of about 160 kilometers. It originates in the Talamanca mountain range and flows into the Pacific Ocean near the town of Boca Coronado. The river basin covers an area of about 5,000 square kilometers and includes parts of the provinces of San José, Cartago, Limón, and Puntarenas. The river is home to a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, as well as to several indigenous communities, such as the Brörán, the Cabécar, and the Teribe. The river also provides important ecosystem services, such as water supply, flood control, sediment transport, and hydroelectric power generation.

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However, the Terraba River also faces several challenges and threats, such as deforestation, pollution, climate change, dam construction, land conflicts, and cultural erosion. The book Terraba Estudios Sociales aims to raise awareness and generate knowledge about the river and its people, as well as to propose solutions and alternatives for its sustainable development and conservation. The book is a valuable resource for students, researchers, policy makers, activists, and anyone interested in learning more about the Terraba River and its social and environmental issues.

To download the book in PDF format, you can visit the OpenSea website and purchase it with cryptocurrency. You can also listen to an audio excerpt of the book on SoundCloud.

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