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Sounds Eng.pck Assassins Creed B: What It Is and How to Solve Audio Problems in the Game

another stealth-game, but this one uses a hi-tech, wireless chip to allow you to perform a variety of stealth techniques such as holding your breath, silencing your footsteps, and others. this works well but is a little cumbersome. it also doesnt help that a lot of the stealth is really, really, bland. you play as ezio, a professional, well-paid, and exceptionally talented, assassin. you mostly do your assassinating on rooftops as ezio snipes with silenced pistols, throws dynamite sticks, or throws your own weapon at your target.

Sounds Eng.pck Assassins Creed B

once again, this game is a single player affair, with a linear structure though and some of the levels can be played differently with alternate paths and different choices to make. realtivity is a big part of the game, especially for level design and having the ability to go on a climb up a building and see where the sky was and how the light and shadows would play out. this only adds to the 3d and physics of the world, and it has been the best use of the dynamic weather and time of day in a recent game, and the best'sandbox' in a game. the game is fun, but it is a story more than a sandbox, and even more than that, the story is bare bones.

since i believe the time of'sandbox' games has passed to some extent, i think the game was a bit of a missed opportunity. the game design is very good though, but the game wasn't grand in its scope. for example, i wish there was more choice with the boss battles, that there were more weapons, and more customization. there's a lot of game for a game that has a bare bones story.

fittingly, this game takes place in rome, the epicenter of power, it's religion, decadence, the seat of sin, and the place where ezio auditore must become a man. the game opens with our hero a fugitive, terrified of the game of assassins which has been foisted upon him and with his mentor dead, locked in an asylum. there is one other person who can help: his son.

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