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[S2E4] What Life

It hurt her as a mother seeing her son in shackles, and she couldn't bear it. She knew it was selfish and wrong of her, and she said as much. But what made the apology as beautiful as it was heavy was how Aaron tried to stop her from doing it.

[S2E4] What Life


I got a friend inside, known him nine years, he'd kill for me. He'd die for me. I thought that's what we had since we were five years old. We always had each others backs. Remember when you said to me when we were in prison. You came and looked me in the eye and said I think it's time we all moved forward. Me stuck in there, and you said move forward.

Is anyone else infuriated about how Marie deflected and didn't take responsibility for how she hurt Aaron? She spent some time talking about how Aaron wasn't opening up to her. She knew that Darius hung between them no matter what they did.

Even without the issues with Marie specifically, Aaron is still having a hard time trying to adjust to life after prison. He can't do that if she or anyone else expects that he pretends as if the past nine years didn't happen, and he can pick up where he left off.

Leo was understandably annoyed that April decided to go away with him with an ulterior motive. As we know if we are seasoned viewers of teen dramas, always tell the truth! The argument really was called for, but it should be a lesson for April to realize she needs to be more open and tell Leo what's going on in her life.

Did anyone else LOVE that they gate crashed a wedding and put on different accents? These two are hilarious together and are quite clearly made for each other. I can't wait to see what the wedding is like.

In March 2011, Electronic Arts concept artist and 3D modeler Randy Humphries posted in his Coroflot profile six pieces of concept art for what appears to be a canceled Half-Life project, with no further detail (one of a canal, one of railway tracks along a canal, one of a town named "Haven", one of a building interior, one of two presumably Combine units, very different from the current ones). Though it has not been confirmed, it may be the now apparently canceled Episode Four mentioned in 2006, since it was said to be developed outside of Valve. Electronic Arts distribute Valve's games, so they may have developed this canceled Episode Four.[2][5]

Following the network intrusion of Eidos' servers in May 2011, and the subsequent data leak, community members reported that among the leaked CVs is one of an individual who had previously worked at Arkane Studios (makers of the Source game The Crossing). The CV states that at Arkane, he has worked on "Half-Life 2: Episode 4" (Episode Four) from 2006 to 2007, before "Valve decided to put their episodic efforts on hold," as the resume outlines. It was then discovered that on the public CVs of other Arkane employees (found for instance on LinkedIn[6]) can be found mentions of an "Unannounced Project (Valve Software)", built on the Source engine, sometime between June 2007 and October 2007.[7] Thus Arkane Studios, as well as Electronic Arts, seem to have been connected to Episode Four from 2006 to 2007, though to what extent is unknown.

In the cells, Carol also refuses to give anything away. Walking away, Sam spots his Auntie Heather among the Beauvoir ladies there for questioning, and calls out to her. Heather is repulsed by what she sees as a cheap chat-up line, and Sam is near tears as she leaves.

Alice B: Right? I think it was just so at the start we could see that he can't draw from life as well as he could before, which is obviously a big deal for him. But anyway. Out the window we both went. Did you wake up Drug Lord McCharismatic in his hospital room?

Alice B: Oh dear, me too. We'd better start making some different choices at some point. Alright, what happened to you when you ran into the racist yokels, who were angry Sean fell asleep in an obviously stolen car on their land?

Alice B: Thank God Sean's life is misery compounded by misery in this episode. We have neglected to mention why he bothered to break out of hospital and hitchhike across the desert in the first place, though.

Alice B: I stand corrected! I did like the creeping around the cult offices bit, because you got more of a sense of who the reverend mother is as a person, and how she's that kind of person who truly believes what she's doing is right, whilst also the things she is doing are terrible. But I thought the bit where it just casually dropped that Jacob was gay and was forced to do conversion therapy was a bit, well, casual. Like they were like "we should put in something about homophobia somewhere, too."

Alice B: Okay, I will be good cop. But listen, moment of respect for Karen, who enters the church and sees her youngest son levitating a lot of large, lit candles around his head, and is like WAT? And Sean's explanation is to say something like "I told you, Daniel is special," and then Karen is just like oh, k, cool, whatev. I laughed quite a lot at that, during what is clearly the emotional denouement of the episode.

Weaver and Susan 's feud escalates to the point where Mark has to step in. Benton is involved in a parking lot altercation, resulting in a dislocated finger and Carter replacing him in surgery. Mark cares for an abandoned elderly woman. Susan tries to juggle her work and care for Little Susie. Shep risks his life to bring in a gunshot victim.

Where is the Dybbuk Box now?Because there's so much interest in it, I don't tell where it's located, but it's in a storage facility where it won't be bothered by anybody. Including me. I rarely go by there unless I'm in the area. But it'll stay there until I figure out what to do with it.Had you believed in the paranormal before?No, not really. I was pretty unspiritual--I thought, you were born, you did good things, and then you died and that was it. I didn't even like horror films. When I'd heard that Sam Raimi was interested in my story I said, "Who's Sam Raimi?" It wasn't until I heard people mention Spider-Man that I kind of knew who he was. So I wasn't judgmental, I just didn't think that much about it.Then why did you buy the Dybbuk Box?I was leery, but I just wanted to look at it as you would with an artifact in a museum. Also, my friend wanted to produce a kind of "Horror Walk" through the neighborhood, and wanted to create the illusion of a spirit. I told him we could make a replica of a Dybbuk Box, but he wanted the real thing. So I kind of also bought it for him. And as it turned out, he did the Horror Walk but barely mentioned the Dybbuk Box.Do you feel you're more in tune with the paranormal now?Well, I feel like if you're not looking for the paranormal you won't find it. It's changed my attitude about what's really possible. It's like with your heart beating--I know my heart is beating but I don't feel it. But if I stop and am still, I can feel my heart beating all the way to my fingertips. Many of us never have a reason to stop and be still.Do you personify whatever's in the Dybbuk Box?I think I do. But it's more than a physical object, it's energy. I think of people as energy--a combination of several trillion cells interacting with each other. In this case it's a different kind of structure, but it's still energy.Have you now studied Judaism because of this?I definitely have studied about Jewish ways and mysticism and the Hebrew language. And it's so deep--if you're not born into it it's almost impossible to get your head around it, and even if you are born into it it's still difficult. And I met a lot of people from different walks of life because of the Dybbuk Box--some were scientists and some were metallurgists. It's been a journey.So in a way, the Dybbuk Box has been a force for good?I think we are what we learn and the decisions we make. Some of the experiences might be thought of as negative, but it's helped me become a more spiritual person.

Mari has overheard that Mittens has just finished decorating her new ice castle and stops by to see it for herself. She then takes it upon herself to throw a housewarming party to show off Mittens' creation. Mittens does not understand what that is and confesses she hopes the party does not melt her castle. Mari explains to Mittens that she will take care of everything, which the party will have a winter fairy tale theme, and she schedules the party for the very next day at 6 pm.

While checking up on Pillow, she questions Mari what "pin the tail on the dragon" has to do with her sleepover party. Mari discovers that Pillow got Mittens' winter fairy tale party supplies instead, just as Prairie approaches asking Mari why she gave her a book of bedtime stories. Mari explains the supplies got switched and quickly trades Pillow the book and Prairie the tail. Pillow points out that it still seems out of the ordinary for the game to be used at Prairie's cookout party, but Prairie does not mind it at all.

Moving onto Mittens' party, Mari adorns herself in a fairy tale tiara and proceeds with Mittens to the ice unicorn sculpture. Mittens suggests what activities they should do next but Mari confesses that she needs to quickly return home to change into her proper snow garments.

Jason: Doing great, you know, kind of trying to get things in order and take care of all the rat killing that I need to get finished up before this year really kicks off and also trying to enjoy a little bit of life and enjoy the downtime while I can.

My friends, we have arrived at my favorite portion of the entire story. Many people told Christian and I that our dreams were crazy. Looking back on it now, I can understand why some would have felt that way at the time. However, when we first bought our homestead there was no doubt in our minds that it was the right thing to do. We knew from the beginning that it was the vision we had for our lives and no matter what happened nothing was going to stop us from getting there. 041b061a72

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