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RS - Sweat Fuck Repeat - Andre Donovan Caden ...

Valentino and Melvin are two hirsute, thickly muscled studs, deadly handsome and personable in their performances. They make a fucking great pair! Valentino emerges from the shower to see the jock-clad Melvin and with no reserves, saunters up, claps him on the ass, and begins pawing at his body as he flexes and poses. Valentino gets his bearded face in Melvin's sweaty pits, picking and inhaling before pushing him to the bench to do the same to his tight asshole.

RS - Sweat Fuck Repeat - Andre Donovan Caden ...

After a thorough rimjob, Melvin's ass is all his as he proceeds to pump it to a sweat-drenched climax. On his back, riding his top, or on his knees, Melvin is stunning as his backside is used by his teammate, loudly egging him on to fuck harder, deeper, and faster. In a cowboy position with Valentino's cock fully up his ass, he shoots off an incredible cum load straight at the camera before he takes Valentino's load over his balls before it's sunk back up his hole giving him a bit of a breeding. 041b061a72

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