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Star Renegades

Mitch has been a fan of Nintendo ever since he got his start on the GBA in 2005. When he's not busy playing games or writing, you can find him down at his local MMA training facility learning how to punish the unrighteous.

Star Renegades

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The game sounds intriguing but I'm wondering how 'rogue-like' it is. Does losing mean starting from scratch completely or does it mean trying again with a stronger team until you eventually succeed? I'm interested in the latter, and it's a hard pass if it's the former.

Never played a rouge lite game before. I was interested in Hades but the whole randomization and die/start from scratch doesnt really do it for me from the description of them.@nessisonett River city girls is on my list when it next hits a sale.

Star Renegades combines influences from tactical role-playing games, roguelite games, and JRPGs.[1] An army of cyborgs invades multiple dimensions, destroying solar systems. Players control the defenders of one such solar system. If they fail to defeat the cyborg army, players must restart the campaign from the beginning in another dimension. However, players can buy unlockable rewards, allowing their next team to start with better characters and abilities. New abilities and characters can also become unlocked by encouraging romances between teammates. The children born of these unions share special abilities from both parents.[2] Enemies who survive battles against the player are tracked, similar to the Nemesis system in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. These enemies can gain advantages or disadvantages based on the player's gameplay.[3]

Star Renegades can be completed in a few hours, but its crushing difficulty, even on easier settings, means that there's a chance that you'll be seeing a lot of the same characters and boss types over and over again. The repetition starts to set in when you've destroyed the same set of Imperium droids for the umpteenth time. You can fast forward through encounters, but there's no incentive to skip over fights. Despite the odds, Star Renegades still manages to sneak the old-school RPG grind into the mix, which doesn't always sit well after being beaten within an inch of my life after a tough enemy encounter.

Star Renegades does a good job at explaining its combat system, which is somewhat daunting at first, but once you get the core mechanics down, it doesn't get much deeper. Encounters start to feel similar, and you start to realize that Star Renegades doesn't necessarily have the depth that the games it pulls inspiration from do. It's definitely not a bad thing, but aside from the RPG coating, you're looking at a lot of familiar rogue-lite territory.

Rather than just being a normal turn-based RPG though, Star Renegades employs a lot of rogue-like mechanics that work very well in the context of the game. If players die during the course of a mission, they will be forced to restart their progress. This isn't a bad thing though because players are then given the opportunity to obtain permanent upgrades for their characters and recruit new teammates to their party. This can be very frustrating sometimes, but most of the time it's just as exciting to die as it is to succeed just to get your hands on some fresh new upgrades.

Parents need to know that Star Renegades is a downloadable strategy game for Windows PCs. The game features fantasy violence and mild blood in the midst of battle with swords and lasers. There is also the possibility that a fallen comrade can be stolen by the robotic enemy and converted into an enemy warrior, which could prove frustrating for younger players. Mild language can be heard in dialogue as well. The game does ramp up in difficulty over time, and players should expect to see their party (which starts small and can grow to six characters) wiped out on occasion.

While visually charming, the true artistry in this strategy game lies in the combat. Star Renegades has that old-school pixelated look that lets parties run across a map before leaping into side-scrolling combat for the turn-based battles. The game is big on storyline, featuring its share of emotion during key plot moments, and it increases your frustration when a party member -- one you've grown attached to -- dies in battle and is resurrected by the enemy as an officer to fight against you. It starts out slowly, explaining the mechanics of the combat system (the adventuring/exploration side is simply point-and-click) and then ramps up to present waves of enemies that get tougher and require more thought to fight.

The turn-based combat happens along a timeline, and if they're paying attention, players can see what the enemy's gearing up to do and can either interrupt or counter, which is vital to success. A successful interrupt or counter can deliver a CRIT attack that does major damage, making combat feel more thoughtful. There were some moments when commands seemed unresponsive, which was mildly annoying, but in combat, where tactics mean everything and a wrong click can force a restart, this is maddening. Taken individually, the elements are solid, but collectively -- from the graphics to the storyline and combat -- this is a challenging and enjoyable game. Losing team members to the enemy can be frustrating, and there are some fights that seemingly can't be won, but overall, Star Renegades is a solid game to jump into and explore in either small or bigger play sessions.

Despite its JRPG branding, Star Renegades is actually fairly light on story. The human race is under threat from a Robot-like race known as the Imperium. The story starts following Winn and Davion Syphex, brother and sister, who have crash landed their ship following an attack by the Imperium. Winn and Davion attempt to pull themselves together and mount a defence, before things take a turn for the worst.

Between runs you gain intel, which is a currency which can be spent on new party members, perks or weapons. Weapons are added to a pool of possible random drops rather than added to your starting inventory, but you quickly gain access to your more powerful buys, making intel a valuable asset!

Off to a running start, Michael Moreci's debut novel Black Star Renegades opens with young provincial nobody Luke Skywalker, whose backwater planet Tatooine is in the grip of the evil Empire. Despite Luke's humble origins, wise old Jedi Knight Ben Kenobi believes he's a figure chosen by destiny to wield an enormous power against the Empire. Ben Kenobi takes Skywalker into tutelage, but the two of them fall in with a group of rogues and scoundrels and droids, and their plans are almost derailed. Luke falls in love with a tough young woman who. . .

The story revolves around a ragtag team of renegades who must face off against the evil, inter-dimensional Imperium. You start off as Wynn Syphex, who loses her brother in a battle against the invading Imperium. She soons comes into contact with J5T-1N, a droid from the near future, who tasks her with defeating the Imperium force. She is also joined by a number of rebels from across time and space. 041b061a72

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