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MSG2 The Messenger Full Movies Hd 720p

MSG2 The Messenger Full Movies Hd 720p

MSG2 The Messenger is a 2015 Indian faith-based action film written by and starring criminal religious leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, who is also credited as co-director, co-editor, and songwriter. It is a sequel to MSG: The Messenger, released earlier in the same year, with Singh reprising his role as Guruji, a spiritual leader on a quest to save an Adivasi tribe. The film was released worldwide on September 18, 2015, followed by the Tamil and Telugu versions on October 1; however, a controversy surrounding the film's allegedly insultive portrayal of Adivasis led to several states banning it . As for the first installment, the box office gross of the film is disputed, with a large difference between the numbers from box office estimates and the much higher numbers given by the film's producers . Reception was similar to its predecessor, with critics considering it propaganda and a very bad film overall .

In this article, we will review the plot, the cast, and the critical response of MSG2 The Messenger, and provide you with links to watch or download the full movie in HD 720p quality.

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The film begins with Guruji rescuing innocent people and performing noble deeds. His devotees offer him sweets to celebrate the government's declaration that the local tribe of primitive people are terrorists. An army is deployed to repel the so-called terrorists, but after some of the army's soldiers are killed by the Ace Archers, the army plans a mission that will remove the primitive people. Guruji dislikes the idea of declaring the primitive people terrorists. According to Guruji, all people are humans, and no inhumane treatment is justified. He believes that even if the local primitive people behave in an uncivilised way, they are not animals, and that every person has the ability to be transformed by love and affection. Even though the primitive people endanger Guruji's life, Guruji decides to advocate for them. A police inspector named Arjun attacks the primitive people, but Guruji saves him after he is badly injured. Arjun goes to meet Guruji with Babru. Guruji also saves the life of the Tibru tribe's leader, Babru's son, and gains his confidence. Babru learns that Guruji has all the signs of Aadi Guru, the deity worshiped by the tribe for many years.

The rest of the plot involves Guruji's efforts to civilise the primitive people by teaching them hygiene, education, agriculture, sports, music, and spirituality. He also faces various challenges from his enemies, such as a corrupt politician named Chillum Khurana, a rival religious leader named Sukhwinder Singh Sodhi, and a terrorist group called Khorasan. Guruji defeats them all with his miraculous powers and his loyal followers. The film ends with Guruji announcing his next mission to save humanity from global warming.


  • Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh as Guruji / Aadi Guru / Rajasekhar / Sher Dil / James Bond / Sherdil

  • Arpit Ranka as Chillum Khurana

  • Honeypreet Insan as Honey

  • CharanPreet Insan as Charan

  • Shan-E-Meet Insan as Shan

  • Rooh-E-Meet Insan as Rooh

  • Rohit Khurana as Arjun

  • Kaynat Toor as Kaynat

  • Sukhwinder Singh as Sukhwinder Singh Sodhi

  • Aman Walia as Aman

Critical Response

The film received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics, who criticised its self-aggrandising message, its poor production values, its illogical plot, its offensive portrayal of Adivasis, and its blatant violation of cinematic norms. Some of the reviews are quoted below:

"MSG-2 The Messenger is an assault on your senses. It is loud, garish, tacky and makes you cringe every time the lead actor comes on screen. It is a film that defies logic, reason and common sense. It is a film that makes you wonder how it got made in the first place. It is a film that makes you question the sanity of its makers and its viewers. It is a film that makes you lose faith in humanity." - Raja Sen,

"MSG 2 is not a film. It is a vanity project of a megalomaniac who thinks he can do anything and get away with it. It is a propaganda tool of a cult leader who wants to brainwash his followers and recruit new ones. It is a mockery of cinema and an insult to the audience. It is a waste of time, money and resources. It is a crime against art and culture. It is a disaster of epic proportions." - Shubhra Gupta, The Indian Express

"MSG 2 is a travesty of filmmaking. It is a mishmash of genres, styles, themes and tones that makes no sense whatsoever. It is a spectacle of bad acting, bad writing, bad directing, bad editing, bad music, bad effects and bad taste. It is a joke that is not funny, a drama that is not moving, an action that is not thrilling, a romance that is not touching, and a message that is not convincing. It is a nightmare that you cannot wake up from." - Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV

Watch or Download MSG2 The Messenger Full Movies Hd 720p

If you are still interested in watching or downloading MSG2 The Messenger full movie in HD 720p quality, you can use the following links:

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However, we advise you to watch this movie at your own risk, as it may cause severe damage to your mental health and well-being.

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