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TOP World Racing 2 Extreme Edition By Jan Gtil !!TOP!!

Shaped by proven aerodynamic principles from the start, this is a sports-prototype racing package in every facet and detail. Pure technical sculpture, the carbon fibre body is shrink-wrapped over extreme high-performance engineering elements.

TOP World Racing 2 Extreme Edition By Jan Gtil

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Carrera stands for exciting duels, a shared fascination for speed and spectacular cars. For over 50 years, the brand has been delighting generations of car and motorsport fans around the world with the legendary Carrera racetracks, bringing that racing feeling into your own living room. For slot car fans, your own competition on the racetrack is often more exciting than real motorsport events, because this is about your own victory. This is where vehicles from current racing events meet historical classics. Carrera racetracks are available in different scales and for different age groups:

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