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Buy Cactus Los Angeles

For four decades, this family-run speciality nursery has been selling an array of succulents and cactuses on the eastern edge of Pasadena. The open-air shop packs hundreds of varieties into its lot, along with piles of pots.

buy cactus los angeles

Even cactus cynics will delight in this Joshua Tree-area emporium, where eccentric decor complements rows and rows of cactuses of all kinds. Simply wander around and admire the flora, or for only 59 cents, dig up your own cactus to take home.

MetroWize: Take advantage of their extensive tequila selection, and if you're feeling adventurous try the "tuna" margarita- it's not the fish, don't worry- Tuna is spanish for cactus fruit. Read more.

The ribs of the golden barrel cactus resemble an accordion, expanding and contracting as the plant stores and uses water. Many of the golden barrels you see here were planted from seed before 1915 and now weigh several hundred pounds.

Many desert columnar plants belong to the S. American cactus genus Cereus. They form the structure of much of the Desert Garden landscape, producing flowers in late summer and colorful fruit in September/October. C. xanthocarpus in the lower garden is approximately 125 years old.

The columnar cactus-like plants in the African section of the upper garden, are succulent spurges (Euphorbia) and have caustic milky latex. The species most represented in the garden are native to South Africa and eastern Africa. Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii) is a leafy spiny native to Madagascar and produces colorful bracts throughout the year. 041b061a72

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