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PDF EBooks Free Download Programming Elm: Build

If you're simply curious about functional programming or you've struggled with FP concepts in another language, then you'll find Elm relatively easy to learn. Its syntax is clean and readable, and you can build practical stuff with it quickly. Elm is also a gentle gateway into other FP languages.

PDF eBooks free download Programming Elm: Build


We discovered Elm in late 2014 while looking for something fresh and fun to learn over the holidays. At the time, Elm wasn't really on anybody's radar. But it had a special quality that kept drawing us back. And as we continued to use it, something unexpected happened: we ended up learning functional programming almost without trying! And as a result, we became better overall programmers. Elm has matured since then and has become a viable way to build web apps. It's no surprise why it's gaining in popularity. 350c69d7ab

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