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Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch: A Comprehensive and Fun Approach to German

If you are looking for a textbook that can help you teach German to young adults and prepare them for the C1 level exams, you might want to check out Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch. This is the teacher's manual for the third volume of Ausblick, a three-part series that covers the B1 to C1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In this article, we will give you an overview of what this book offers and why it is a great choice for your German classes.

What is Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch?

Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch is a 120-page book that accompanies the Ausblick 3 Kursbuch and the Ausblick 3 Arbeitsbuch. The Kursbuch is the main textbook that contains 10 units with texts, dialogues, exercises, and cultural information. The Arbeitsbuch is the workbook that provides additional practice and self-assessment. The Lehrerhandbuch is the teacher's guide that contains useful tips and resources for planning and conducting your lessons.

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What are the features of AusBlick 3 Lehrerhandbuch?

Some of the features of Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch are:

  • It has a general introduction to the concept and goals of the Ausblick series.

  • It has a detailed roadmap for each unit, with suggestions on how to introduce, explain, and practice the topics, grammar, and vocabulary.

  • It has answer keys and transcripts for all the exercises and listening activities in the Kursbuch and the Arbeitsbuch.

  • It has photocopiable worksheets and games that you can use to supplement your lessons.

  • It has tests for each unit, as well as mock exams for the C1 level exams, such as the Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz Stufe II (DSD II) and the Goethe-Zertifikat C1.

  • It has a bibliography of sources and references used in the Kursbuch.

Why should you use Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch?

There are many reasons why Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch is a great tool for teaching German to young adults. Here are some of them:

  • It is based on the CEFR standards and prepares your students for the C1 level exams, which are widely recognized and accepted by universities and employers.

  • It is designed for young adults and covers topics that are relevant and interesting for them, such as generation gap, education and career, language change, family, gender, art, and science.

  • It is engaging and motivating, with colorful illustrations, authentic texts, varied exercises, interactive games, and multimedia materials.

  • It is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to customize your lessons according to your students' needs, interests, and learning styles.

  • It is comprehensive and fun, offering a balanced approach to developing all four skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing), as well as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, intercultural competence, and learning strategies.

How can you get Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch?

If you are interested in getting Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch, you can order it online from [Hueber Verlag], the publisher of the Ausblick series. You can also download a sample of the book from [Google Books] or [Yumpu]. Alternatively, you can check if your local library or bookstore has a copy of it.


Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch is a valuable resource for teaching German to young adults at the C1 level. It provides you with everything you need to plan and conduct effective and enjoyable lessons that will prepare your students for the C1 level exams and beyond. If you want to give your students a comprehensive and fun approach to learning German, you should definitely consider using Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch.

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